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CSC's Web Development Services

We offer professional Web development to you on an innovative and dynamic level. Services include, guestbooks, counters, graphic, banner design, HTML, layout, maintenance, site maps, forms, surveys, FTP, and the list goes on...

To find out more information about our Web development packages, please call or e-mail us!

Chino's Site Creations - ChinoSites.com
Denver, Colorado 80224
Office: 303.564.3173
Fax: 303.564.3173

E-mail; Info@CShinoSites.com

Dedicated Web Hosting

We have partnered up with a leading provider of dedicated server Web hosting solutions to offer you a secure and efficient way to store your information. Multiple fiber optic gigabit connections and directly peers with major networks ideal for standard Web hosting.

Multiple connections, battery backup and emergency generator power, climate controlled environment, 24 hour 365 day monitoring of the connections, and the servers.

Mobile/Wireless Internet Development

CSC offers WAP* development for all our visitors who have joined the Mobile Internet Revolution!

* = WAP - is short for Wireless Application Protocol. It is basically a method of letting a wireless device, usually a mobile phone or PDA, view Internet pages, using text only, and very simple black and white pictures. The web site has to be specially designed for the WAP phone, and the pages have to be fairly small as the data speed on mobile phones is a lot slower than on domestic modems. Also, all the phones will have screens of different shapes and sizes, so pages will look different depending on the phone one is using.

Additional CSC Business Products & Services

As a part of our "Integrated Business Solutions," we offer additional business solutions that are essential in creating corporate identities. They may include, but not limited to market research, print materials, strategic planning, Internet services, human resource development, change management, etc.

Please contact us for a full list of additional business service;

CSC Development, Ltd. - cscdevelopment.com
Denver, Colorado 80224
Office: 303.564.3173
Fax: 303.564.3173

E-mail; Info@cscdevelopment.com


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