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The Power of a Dedicated Server
HE's New Fremont Colocation Facility - Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server - a single computer fully devoted to the needs of one customer - allows for faster access to information and provides greater flexibility in software, site traffic management, and scalability. We have partnered up with a leading provider of dedicated server Web hosting solutions.

CSC and Hurricane Electric is bringing to you a new 42,000 square foot colocation facility in Fremont, California. This new facility will augment Hurricane Electric's existing facilities. This facility offers a state of the art home for internet servers. Features include metropolitan area gigabit ethernet connections to it's other bay area facilities, raised flooring for excellent air flow, a UPS and emergency generator for power protection, and more. As with their other facilities, the new offices are staffed and monitored 24/7.

Each cabinet features;

     Dedicated switched ethernet port.
     Individually locked cabinet.
     Individually breakered power.
     Power protection via UPS and emergency generator.
     Fully louvered front/back/top for good air flow.
     High capacity 550 CFM fan for great air flow.
     Air conditioning vent in floor for fantastic air flow.
     Deep 32 inch front to back dimension fits even 28 inch
    sun servers comfortably.
     19 inch racks accommodate rack mount servers or desktop
    tower cases using shelves.
     Hurricane Electric provided 12 outlet powerstrip for
    conveniently spaced ready to use outlets.
     Internet service optional -- we don't mind if you provide
    your own network connection.
     Ethernet VLANs (10/100/1000 Mbps) between Palo Alto
    PAIX facility or San Jose MAE-WEST building and
    Hurricane Electric Fremont facility available.
     24/7 onsite staff.
     24/7 monitoring.

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