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The beginnings of CSC Development, Ltd. go back to early 1996 when our CEO and founder created the basic ideas on paper for a marketing project. One of our subsidiaries, Chino's Site Creations was then born. Specializing in Web development and professional home pages, it began to gather a rather impressive list of clientele. Ranging from professions in nursing, hypnotherapy to churches to musicians, our portfolio began to grow.

With the growing popularity and need for more Wireless Developers, Chino's Site Creations recruited some talented WAP designers to start tackling the new market. Offering clients both professional Web and WAP development, we were recognizing our potential in our industry to expand...

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From Web & Wireless development to Real Estate to our roster of hot local entertainment acts, we bring you companies that make a difference in both your surrounding communities and in the marketplace as well!

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Mission and Philosophy

"The mission of our Company (CSC Development, Ltd. and its subsidiaries) is to encourage and promote high standards by exceeding the expectations of our clients. This will be carried out by providing the proper resources for our valued employees to create and develop successful products and services put forth by our company..."

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