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Whether your company is a private business, non-profit organization, or a public agency, we can provide a great product!

Our programs are designed to concentrate on managing human and fiscal resources within the structure, culture, and mission of any organization. The structure can address executive management issues, human resources management, conflict management, strategic planning, managing technology, managing change, the learning organization, financial management, and marketing management.

CSC can help redesign or create a leading edge conflict management system designs, corporate culture, change management, and/or a learning organization.

Below is a list of additional business solutions we provide;

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Marketing Plans

Our services is complementary with, but not exclusively related to, the marketing activity. We provide a comprehensive overview of marketing activities for managers of private sector, public sector, for-profit, and non-profit organizations. The end product combines advanced marketing principles, case studies, individual analysis, and a marketing plan. The plan utilizes the latest marketplace developments to insure that the consumer are in touch with the most up-to-date marketing strategies.

Organizational Culture Analysis

We focus on defining the origins of organizational culture, why they are important, and how leadership, individual, and stakeholders affect the culture in your company. The goal is to provide frameworks, tools, and techniques of understanding the culture in the organization. These are then applied to dealing with the changes that occur as a result of global competition, economic fluctuations, generational norms, social values, technology, and leadership. The results are intended to develop the skills and strategies needed to achieve organizational agility for the 21st century.

Creating an Learning Organization

This product is designed to cover the conditions for readiness to implement and maintain the principles, applications, and practices of a learning organization. The overall goal of the course is to focus on creating and maintain an environment conductive to organizational agility ad competitiveness.

Conflict Management Systems

We provide client's with both a theoretical and practical framework for managing organizational disputes. We will research and determine the best solution for your organization, whether it be win-win negotiation, negotiation role-playing, ADR, and apply those results into the organizational

Human Resource Management

We will determine and analyze the changing roles and responsibilities of your human resource managers, the acceptance and integration of the human resource function as a full business partner, and the higher expectations placed on human resources leadership to make a significant contribution to the successful manager of the organization. Involves examining relevant HR laws and court decision, relationships within the organization, policies and procedures, workplace diversity, conflict resolution, and the role of the human resources in a global economy.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is one of our best consulting services we offer. We research and determine the organizational situation and create a complete action plan to be implemented by the organization's managers. It is a combination of all the above-mentioned services to create a solution that best fits for the firm.

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