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We have partnered with four of the largest printing companies in the United States, giving you the assurance that your final product will be dynamic, professional, and brilliant!

Proposals, Manuals, and Binding Services

Whether your company is preparing training, diversity, or sexual harassment manuals or booklets, we can provide copy editing, layout creations, printing, binding, and finishing of them. Finishing can add a professional polish on any printed materials that plain, old report covers, stapled corners, and binder clips just can't match.

Finishing options include;

Coil binding
A continuous, spring-shaped piece of plastic, this durable crush-resistant bind allows a bound book to lay flat ... even back on itself for easy reading.

Comb binding
A continuous, spring-shaped piece of plastic, this durable crush-resistant bind allows a bound book to lay flat ... even back on itself for easy reading.

Wire binding
Wire binding offers a high-tech look with outstanding durability. The metal wire comb is pushed through holes punched in the left margin of the document, then crimped together to hold pages. Wire binding allows pages to turn easily, and the book lay completely flat when opened.

Bound with staples along its folded edge, this finishing touch is used most commonly with newsletters, company bulletins and catalogs.

Velo binding
Most commonly used for legal documents, velo binding creates a sleek profile by using a thin plastic strip to bind the pages of the document.

Brochures, Pamphlets, Invitations, etc. (Publications, Marketing Materials...)

We offer the graphic design, layout, folding (half-folds, tri-folds and z-folds) and printing of full color brochures to wedding invitations, annual reports, direct mail, club flyers, concert tickets, baby showers, event programs, menus, etc.

Eye-catching, dynamic, silk-screen, or scrim vinyl banners

One of our most popular products include our oversize marketing tools. These custom-made advertising essentials can be used for tradeshows, conventions, meetings, outdoor and indoor events, etc.

     Metal & Plastic Signage
    • Use metal and plastic signs for; building identification, directions, conventions, real estate, or contractor sites

     Magnetic Automobile Signs
    • Magnetic automobile signs are ideal for; mobile service firms, mechanics, landscapers, house painters, or corporate I.D. for fleet vehicles

     Ready-to-Apply Vinyl Lettering, Labels & Decals
    • Some popular uses include; storefront glass windows, cars and trucks, airplanes and boats, or shipping containers

     Vinyl Banners
    • Vinyl banners are perfect for; grand openings, community events, retail promotions and sales events, parades and celebrations, real Estate signage - "Now Leasing", or employment opportunity advertising - "Help Wanted"

     Posters & Presentation Materials
    • Some popular uses include; presentation graphs and charts, posters, event signage, training seminar materials, legal exhibits, backlit posters, recruiting, or job fair materials

     Poster-Sized Photo Enlargements
    • Poster-Sized photo enlargements are perfect for; vacation & nature photos, family reunions, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, or remembrances

To find out more information about our "Marketing Media" packages, please call or e-mail us!

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