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The Power of a Dedicated Server
HE's New Fremont Colocation Facility
 - Dedicated Servers

Services Included For All Hosting Accounts;

  • True Virtual Host (http://www.yourname.com)
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Support for FrontPage 98
  • Support for PHP 4
  • Your Own Secure Web (SSL) Directory
  • Your Own MySQL Database
  • Your Own Standard Web Directory
  • Your Own cgi-bin Directory
  • Your Own Anonymous FTP Directory
  • Direct Access Via FTP
  • Direct Access Via telnet
  • Direct Access Via ssh
  • Gigabit (1,000 megabit/second) Backbone
  • Multiple Connections For Backup And Redundancy
  • Battery Backup and Emergency Generator
  • High Performance Carefully Managed Web Servers
  • Online Billing Information
  • POP3 Authenticated SMTP
  • Multiple POP3 Mailboxes per Account
  • Unlimited Mail Forwarding
  • Unlimited Mail Autoresponders
  • Detailed Daily Web and FTP Activity Reports
  • Access To Raw access_log Files
  • Server Side Includes
  • Email Forms
  • cgiwrap
  • cgiemail
  • Full Shell Account
  • Full Unix Development Environment
  • Java and Javac
  • Perl
  • Tcl
  • gcc
  • crontab

Self Serve Web Space Rate Schedule
We'll waive your setup fee if you're moving a domain name.

Basic Virtual Host Econo Virtual Host Business Virtual Host VIP Virtual Host
Monthly $9.95$24.95 $59.95$299.95
One-time Setup* $19.95$19.95$19.95$19.95
Domain Name Included** YESYESYESYES
Storage Included 25 MB250 MB500 MB1 GB
Additional Storage $1/MB$1/MB$1/MB$1/MB
Traffic Included 2.5 GB 25 GB50 GB100 GB
Additional Traffic 5 cents/MB 5 cents/MB3 cents/MB 2 cents/MB
POP3 Mailboxes Included*** 112651101
Payment Method Credit CardCredit CardCredit Card, Check Credit Card, Check

Please note that if you have an already existing account of a type not listed above, the rate schedule for that account has not changed from what you originally signed up for.

Secure and standard web traffic are measured the same. You don't have to pay a premium to use secure forms at Hurricane Electric.

Storage and traffic are billed on a monthly cycle.

If the average size of your web pages is 10 kilobytes (5K of text and a 5K graphic), one gigabyte/month corresponds to 100,000 hits.

Due to their high traffic nature adult content sites must get a Business Virtual Host or VIP Virtual Host account (which offer better rate schedules for high traffic sites).

Additional mailboxes are $1/month.

* No setup fee if you're moving a domain name from another ISP.
** Does not include Network Solutions domain registration fee. You will receive an invoice directly from Network Solutions via email.
*** Includes master POP3 mailbox associated with the shell account.

To find out more information about our "Dedicated Hosting" packages, please call or e-mail us!

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