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Year 2002

For the past three years we have been strategically positioning ourselves for growth and investment opportunities. Steadily gaining and merging with companies for subsidiaries that will contribute to our overall goal. This will contribute to our vision of offering our clients business solutions covering all aspects of the spectrum.

This year, we have set some ambitious financial goals: double-digit profit growth, strong cash flow, share repurchases and a return on invested capital that improves each year from the 20% we posted in earlier years. But I believe we'll achieve those goals. They are well within our reach with our resources...

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Glimpse of CSC's future

What the future holds for CSC ... we are very optimistic. We are in the heart of a growing consumer market rich with opportunity. We have strong, diverse products and services, established partnerships and financial resources.

Most of all, we have a team of bright, highly motivated people with the skills, experience and commitment to make the most of the opportunity before us.

Partnerships and Alliances

One of our greatest partner assets we have is an exclusivity contract with Infinite Media Possibilities Product, Inc. It not only helps spread our name into the local music spotlight, but in the entertainment industry as well. Just partnering with IMP Product, Inc. gives us access to art galleries all over Denver's Five Points community, Ultra Sound Magazine - a community magazine focusing on music, culture, and people, Marquee Apparel, etc. We feel that the partnership will bring us not only closer to our surrounding community, but exciting projects to prevail by the end of the year.

Another strong partnership and alliance that we have is our printer's. Together with four of U.S.'s top and largest printing companies, we are producing and distributing dynamic and brilliant flyers, concert tickets, gallery openings, CD cover art, posters, etc. This allows CSC to surpass all our competitor's in providing clients with higher quality products and services.

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