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Applying to CSC Development, Ltd.

We prefer to receive resumes electronically to support online searching. If you submit electronically there is no need to send a paper copy. One resume for each individual is maintained in confidence in our system, and only the most recent copy submitted is retained.

Your resume will be viewable for one year and you should not submit another resume within that timeframe unless you intend to update your address, phone number, or skills.

For non-electronic resumes, please use standard fonts such as Helvetica or Arial and avoid italics, underlines, and other formatting techniques.

Sending your resume by E-mail or US Mail.

Email: Submit your cover letter and/or resume in plain text format to Careers@cscdevelopment.com. Include your name, address, and telephone number(s) at the top of the text of the resume section.

US Mail: Send your cover letter and/or resume to the office address listed for the city where the job is located. Include the message on your envelope: "Attention HR Recrutiter".

Please do not send references, letters of reference, awards, original photos or other materials you may expect to have returned.



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